Research Topics

1. Research of cryptographic techniques

Cryptographic techniques are used as the information security techniques to realize the secure network society. Encryptions can hide data, and authentications allow us to check that the sender is a correct user or server. In this laboratory, we are researching cryptographic techniques with more functions to protect users’ privacy.

2. Privacy-enhancing authentications

In conventional user authentications using ID/passwords, the server can grasp user’s access history by tracing the ID. In this laboratory, we are researching anonymous authentications, where the server can check that the accessing user is valid while the ID of the user is hidden.

3. Implementations of cryptographic systems

In recently proposed cryptographic techniques with more functions, elliptic curve cryptosystems with a special computation called a pairing are used. Using the efficient library, we are implementing the cryptosystems such as the anonymous authentications.

5. Mobile computing

Delay tolerant networks are the main topic of our mobile computing research.

5. Studies on Cellular Automata — Their Dynamic Behaviors and Higher-Order Functions

A cellular automaton is a system consisting of a large number of simple processors (called “cells”) which are placed and connected uniformly in a space. It can be considered as a fine-grained parallel processing system or a model of physical space. We investigate here, how various higher-order functions such as universal computation, generation of patterns, synchronization of cells, self-organization, self-reproduction, etc. can be realized in a cellular space, especially in a reversible or a number-conserving space.